Public Participation Guidebook

This page last reviewed March 15, 2010

The Public Participation Guide to Air Quality Decision Making in California (PDF-501K) provides you with the basic tools and information needed to understand and participate in the air pollution policy, planning, permitting, and regulatory decision-making processes in California. The guide includes:

  • A short overview of the government agencies responsible for controlling air pollution;
  • Agency contact information;
  • Directions on how to resolve air pollution complaints;
  • Tips on how to find information about local sources of air pollution; and
  • Steps you can take to get involved in air quality issues in your community.

You can download the complete guide by clicking here. For a copy in Spanish, click here.
You can also order a hard copy of the guide by sending your name and mailing address by e-mail to or by calling (800)363-7664 or (916) 322-2990.