Architectural Coatings Program - 2000 SCM Air District Rulemaking Schedule

This page updated October 2008

Listed below is the rulemaking schedule for the air districts that have planned a workshop or hearing for proposed amendments to their architectural coatings rules, consistent with the Air Resources Board's (ARB) June 2000 Architectural Coatings Suggested Control Measure. The list is provided solely as an information service. Each individual air district is soley responsible for their rulemaking schedule. The Air Resources Board is not responsible for scheduling dates, times, or locations of the workshops and/or hearing or any changes of those dates and times. Therefore, the dates listed are subject to change by the air districts. We recommend that if you are interested in attending a workshop or hearing that you contact the individual air district prior to making travel plans.


 Workshop Date

 Hearing Date

Website Address/Telephone No.


Note: Air Pollution Control District (APCD) and,
Air Quality Mangement District (AQMD)

District  Rule Number  Adopted Date
Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD  Rule 442 5-24-01
San Joaquin Valley Unified APCD Rule 4601 10-31-01
Ventura County APCD Rule 74.2 11-13-01
Yolo-Solano AQMD Rule 2.14 11-14-01
Santa Barbara County APCD Rule 323
Rule 323.1
Bay Area AQMD  Rule 8-3 11-21-01
San Diego County APCD Rule 67.0 12-12-01
Placer County APCD Rule 218 12-13-01
San Luis Obispo County APCD Rule 433 3-26-02
Northern Sonoma County APCD Rule 485 4-9-02
Monterey Bay Unified Rule 426 4-17-02
Butte County AQMD  Rule 240 4-25-02
Shasta County AQMD  Rule 3-31 5-14-02
Colusa County Rule 2-26 7-23-02
Tehama County  Rule 4:39 8-20-02
Feather River AQMD  Rule 3-15 11-13-02
Mojave Desert AQMD  Rule 1113 2-24-03
Antelope Valley AQMD  Rule 1113 3-18-03
Imperial County APCD Rule 424 1-11-05
Kern County APCD Rule 410.1 9-14-06