Automotive Refinishing - 2002 Survey

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The Air Resources Board is conducting a survey of automotive refinish coatings sold in California in 2001. Automotive refinish coatings are defined as coatings applied to motor vehicles and/or mobile equipment. The survey does not include coatings applied at original eequipment manufcturing facilities (OEM coatings). The purpose of the survey is to gather current information on the volatile organic compounds (VOC) contents and properties of automotive refinish coatings. For more information on who must complete the survey, uses for the survey information, and due date, click below on "2002 Survey Cover Letter". To view the survey itself, click below in "2002 Survey Forms".

To view the September 20, 2002, letter that was sent to survey recipients informing them of a 60-day extension to complete the survey, click below on "Extension Letter".

2002 Survey Forms
Automotive Coatings Survey (Refinish Coatings Only)

2002 Survey Cover Letter  

Extension Letter


Jose Gomez, Manager
916) 324-8033

Dave Mehl
(916) 324-8177

Gary Mouradian
(916) 324-8175

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