Consumer Products Program - 2003 Survey

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This page contains documents related to the "informal" events that pertain to the "2003 Consumer and Commercial Products Survey." "Informal" regulatory activity refers to all activity that is NOT directly involved in the formal rulemaking process. This ongoing subject area may or may not lead to a formal rulemaking process. By clicking on an item below, you can access documents associated with the particular area of interest.

2003 Consumer and Commercial Products Survey Preliminary Data Summaries

The 2003 Survey

The Air Resources Board (ARB) is in the process of conducting a survey of consumer and commercial products that were sold with intention for use in California during Calendar Year 2003. This survey represents the first round of a two-part effort to update our consumer products volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions inventory and evaluate the feasibility of further reducing consumer product VOC emissions. Response to this survey also fulfills special reporting requirements for aerosol adhesives, outlined in title 17, section 94513(d) of the California Code of Regulations. The second survey, encompassing Calendar Year 2005, is planned for 2006.

Please note that the Preliminary Form must be completed and returned to the ARB by November 24, 2004. The survey forms must be completed by all responsible parties and formulators, and are due to the ARB by April 1, 2005. This deadline represents an extension of the original deadline of March 15, 2005.

Two interactive electronic versions of the survey, one for responsible parties and one for formulators, are being offered to assist you in filling out the forms. See page III-8 of the survey packet for more information on obtaining the electronic versions of the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An FAQ page is provided to clarify various aspects of the survey.

Survey Training

To assist you in completing the survey, we conducted a webcast survey training session from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST on Friday, December 3, 2004 from the Central Valley Auditorium of the Cal/EPA Headquarters Building in Sacramento, California. Contact Jessica Dean to request the video of this training.

Training Agenda

Training Handouts

Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) List

Individuals completing FORM 4 (ingredient information) should obtain CAS numbers from their supplier(s), however we are providing the CAS list used in the 2001 Survey for reference purposes. Before referring to these CAS numbers, please note the provisions at the beginning of this list.

CAS List (PDF - 144 KB or Excel - 178 KB)


Cover Letter and Table of Contents (4,251 KB pdf)
Part I: Responsible Party Identification (151 KB pdf)
Part II: Survey Introduction (424 KB pdf)
Part III: Before You Begin… (1,262 KB)
Part IV: Forms and Instructions (2,377 KB pdf)
Part V: Attachments for Reference

Attachments A thru D (1,732 KB pdf)
Attachments E thru G (804 KB pdf)

Part VI: Samples of Completed Forms (5,270 KB pdf)
Part VII: Definitions (3,052 KB pdf)
Part VIII: Special Reporting Requirements for Aerosol Adhesives (351 KB pdf)
Part IX: Voluntary Survey Evaluation (92 KB pdf)

Individual Survey Forms "Quick Print" Links (forms only, no instructions):

Preliminary Form (116 KB pdf)
Confidential Information Form (146.pdf)
FORM 1 (142 KB pdf)
FORM 2 (105 KB pdf)
FORM 3 (159 KB pdf)
Supplement to FORM 3 (89 KB pdf)
FORM 4 (420 KB pdf)
Voluntary Survey Evaluation (75 KB pdf)

Aerosol Adhesives Only

FORM AA-1 (62 KB pdf)
FORM AA-2 (75 KB pdf)
FORM AA-3 (57 KB pdf)

Contact: Consumer Products Help