Consumer Products Program - Alternative Control Plan (ACP)

This page last reviewed on May 20, 2008

The ACP regulation provides an alternative market-based method to comply with the volatile organic compound (VOC) standards for consumer products and aerosol coating products. The ACP regulation is an emissions averaging program or "bubble" which ensures that the total VOC emissions from consumer products selected by participating manufacturers do not exceed the emission level that would occur if the products were reformulated to meet the limits in the consumer products regulation. The ACP regulation provides a high degree of flexibility while preserving the emission reductions achieved with the existing consumer products regulation.

This page contains documents related to the "informal" events that pertain to the ACP regulation. "Informal" regulatory activity refers to all activity that is NOT directly involved in the formal rulemaking process. This ongoing subject area may or may not lead to a formal rulemaking process. By clicking on an item below, you can access documents associated with the particular area of interest. If you are interested in the menu of documents related to the associated "formal" rulemaking process, such as the staff report or the proposed regulation, please click here.


April 5, 2001 Public Workshop
Notice of public workshop on possible amendments to the Alternative Control Plan (ACP) regulation.
Draft Amendments to the ACP regulation (PDF - 118K).

October 17, 2000 Public Workshop
Notice of public workshop on concepts for amendments to the ACP
Regulation for Consumer Products and Aerosol Coating Products

October 6, 2000 Survey Due Date
Voluntary Survey (PDF - 190 KB) Mailed out September 18, 2000
Request surveys be returned by October 6, 2000