Enclosure 2


November 3, 1997

Dear Sir or Madam:

At the July 24, 1997, Mid-term Measures Board hearing, the

Board directed us to assess the feasibility of proposing

volatile organic compound and/or reactivity-based

standards for additional consumer product categories that

were not considered at that time. The Board also directed us

to return to them with our proposal in the fall of 1998. The

additional product categories under consideration are:

antimicrobial hand cleaner or soap; astringent/toner; facial

cleaner or soap; general use hand or body cleaner or soap;

hand dishwashing detergent; liquid laundry detergent; medicated

astringent/toner; multi-purpose dry lubricant; multi-purpose

solvent; paint thinner (including paint brush cleaner); and

rubbing alcohol.

We have enclosed for your review draft data summaries for

these categories based on our 1995 Mid-term Measures Survey

results. The format for these summaries is identical to that

used for the Mid-term Measures, and was designed in cooperation

with the consumer products industry to protect data


Please review these summaries and be prepared to discuss your

comments at the Consumer Products Working Group (CPWG) meeting

to be held in Sacramento on November 18 and 19, 1997. If you

are unable to attend this meeting, please fax your comments to

Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager, Measures Development Section, at

(916) 327-5621 or provide written comments to:

Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager

Measures Development Section

Air Resources Board

P.O. Box 2815

Sacramento, California 95812

We look forward to working with you as we continue our

efforts to meet our State Implementation Plan commitments.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact

Ms. Fry at (916) 322-8267.


Genevieve A. Shiroma, Chief

Air Quality Measures Branch


cc: Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager

Measures Development Section

Stationary Source Division