December 31, 1997

        Dear Sir or Madam:
             We invite you to join us on January 14 and 15, 1998,
        in Sacramento, California for two consumer product
        meetings.  We will discuss the consumer products draft
        survey, and reactivity options for consumer products. 
        These meetings are follow-up sessions to the November 18-
        19 Consumer Products Working Group (CPWG) meeting.
             At the CPWG meeting, we explained that a consumer
        products survey is needed to update the State
        Implementation Plan (SIP) inventory and modeling, develop
        reactivity-based standards, and prioritize categories for
        standard development.  In response to industry comments,
        we agreed to look at ways to streamline the survey
        process where feasible.  Regarding reactivity options,
        while there is general support conceptually, there are
        concerns about implementation.  So we would like to
        devote time towards explaining the science, background
        and options.
             We invite your participation in these meetings.  The
        time, date and location are as follows:
               Date:          January 14-15, 1998
               Time:          8:30 - 3:30 p.m. (Jan. 14)
                              8:30 - noon (Jan. 15)
               Location :     California Air Resources Board
                              2020  L  Street
                              Board Hearing Room
                              Sacramento, California
             On the first day, we plan to:  (1) provide a brief
        summary of the inventory status and discuss the
        objectives of the meeting; (2) discuss the quality of
        data for the various categories of consumer products, and
        identify areas needing more information; and (3) discuss
        strategies for filling the data gaps, including the
        content of the survey, and the categories to be surveyed. 
        Optional methods for obtaining necessary data will also
        be discussed.  We will provide documentation of the
        latest emissions estimates by category to interested
        parties in early January.  Enclosure 1 is a proposed
        agenda for the consumer products survey and inventory
             On the second day, we plan to:  (1) provide an
        introduction and overview of the concept of relative
        reactivity of volatile organic compounds and technical
        research; (2) discuss the issues relevant to the
        regulatory development of reactivity-based standards; 
        and (3) provide examples of how the program could work.  
        Enclosure 2 is a proposed agenda for this meeting.
             We hope you will be able to participate in these
        meetings.  There is no need to notify us regarding your
        plans to attend.  However, persons with disabilities who
        require accommodation are requested to contact Ms. Doris
        Rausch at (916) 327-1529 by January 4, 1998.  A
        telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) is reachable
        only from phones equipped with a TDD device at (916) 324-
           If you have any questions about the consumer
        products inventory, please contact Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager, 
        Measures Development Section, at (916) 322-8267.  For questions 
        on the reactivity meeting, please contact Ms. Carla Takemoto, 
        Manager, Technical Evaluation Section, at (916) 322-8283.
                                   Genevieve A. Shiroma, Chief
                                   Air Quality Measures Branch
        cc:    Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager
               Measures Development Section
               Ms. Carla Takemoto, Manager
               Technical Evaluation Section
                                                                                 Enclosur                                                      e 1

                       Proposed Agenda for
             Consumer Products Inventory Discussion
                        January 14, 1998
        8:30        Introduction - ARB 
        8:45        Inventory Status and Objectives - ARB
        9:00        Open Discussion of Data
                    *     Quality of Data in Each Category
                    *     Inventory Tonnage
                    *     VOC and LVP Speciation Needs
                    *     Down-the-drain Factors
        11:30  Lunch Break
        1:30        Open Discussion of Survey
                    *     Categories to be Surveyed
                    *     Survey Format and Content
                    *     Timeframe for Survey
                    *     Supplementing Mid-term Measures Survey Categories
        3:15        Future Meeting Logistics and Subgroups - Open Discussion
        3:30        Adjourn

                             Enclosure 2
                          Proposed Agenda for 
                     Relative Reactivity Discussion
                            January 15, 1998
        8:30        Introduction and Reactivity Overview
        9:00        Technical Research
        9:30        Concepts for Reactivity-Based Standards
                    a.   Equivalence to Percent Reduction 
                    b.   Equivalence to VOC Limit 
                    c.   Additional Concepts
        11:15       Background of Current Exemptions
        11:30       Regulatory Development Schedule
        12:00       Adjourn