January 8, 1998


Dear Sir or Madam:

This is a follow-up to our December 30, 1997, letter

notifying you of a January 14, 1998, meeting to discuss

our draft consumer products survey. As indicated in the

previous notice, we are enclosing for your review a draft

summary of the best available data for the consumer

products inventory. The draft summary includes a

description of how the data are generated and

recommendations for surveying product categories. Please

note that we are proposing to survey only 89 of the 249

product categories listed.

This information is provided as a working document

to assist us in determining where survey data are needed

to fill existing data gaps. While the best available

data are used in these emission estimates, the data are

limited for many categories. Therefore, the numbers

presented in the enclosed table are preliminary, and the

number of significant figures shown overstate the

accuracy of the information.

We look forward to working with you in this effort.

If you have any questions, please contact

Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager, Measures Development Section,

at (916) 322-8267.


Genevieve A. Shiroma, Chief

Air Quality Measures Branch


cc: Ms. Barbara Fry, Manager

Measures Development Section