September 8, 1998

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am pleased to provide you with the final version of the "Guidelines for Hairspray Variances." On March 27, 1997, the Air Resources Board (ARB) approved several amendments to the consumer products regulation pertaining to the hairspray category. One of the amendments requires that excess volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions be mitigated by applicants that are granted variances from the June 1, 1999, 55 percent VOC limit. In addition to the amendments, the Board directed the staff to work with all interested parties to develop guidelines for the variance mitigation requirement. The development of the "Guidelines for Hairspray Variances" is the result of this process.

I want to thank the Ad Hoc Hairspray Committee, including members from the industry, Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association, National Aerosol Association, and Western Aerosol Information Bureau for their participation in this development process. The final guidelines are also available on the ARB Internet website at:

I would also like to update you on two other items. First, the Hairspray Credit Program (HCP) Regulation was formally approved by the California Office of Administrative Law and became effective on August 24, 1998. Second, the email address called "" provided
in the "Guidelines for Special Reporting Requirements for Hairsprays," December 5, 1997, is no longer active. However, electronic submittals or questions on hairsprays may still be sent to the email address for Mr. Edward Wong, Implementation Section, Stationary Source Division, at:

If you should have any questions about the final guidelines, please call me at (916) 322-7072 or Mr. Wong at (916) 327-1507. For questions about the HCP, please call Ms. Beverly Werner, Manager, Regulatory Assistance Section, Stationary Source Division, at (916) 322-3984.


                Genevieve A. Shiroma, Chief
                Air Quality Measures Branch


cc: Ad Hoc Hairspray Committee

Mr. Edward Wong
Implementation Section
Stationary Source Division

Ms. Beverly Werner, Manager
Regulatory Assistance Section
Stationary Source Division

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