Multi-purpose Lubricant and Penetrant Special Reporting Requirements for 2011

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According to section 94513(f)(1) of the Consumer Products Regulation, responsible parties for Multi-purpose Lubricant and Penetrant products sold in California are required to submit data regarding product sales and composition for the year 2011. Responsible parties are also required to provide a written update of the research and development efforts undertaken to achieve the 25 percent by weight VOC limits for these products scheduled to become effective on December 31, 2013. The data are necessary for our assessment of the feasibility of these limits.

Air Resources Board (ARB) staff requests that all information required be submitted by June 26, 2012. The forms provided below can be used to fulfill the reporting requirements:


Notification Letter

Confidential Information Form

Form 1 - Responsible Party Identification and Contact Information

Form 2 - List of Multi-purpose Lubricant and Penetrant Products

Form 3 - Current Product Information

Form 4 - R&D Prototype Product Information

Form 5 - Product Development Summary

Form 6 - Summary of Research and Develpment (R&D) Costs


If your company is on track to comply, we are providing an option to only complete Form 1. If reformulation efforts are still in progress, fill out Forms 1 through 6 in order to inform us of research and development efforts taken to formulate a compliant product.

Forms Submission

Electronic Submittal:

Email completed forms to: Robert Barrera at

Mail Submittal:

Send completed forms to:

California Air Resources Board;
Attn: Robert Barrera, Consumer Products Program, PTSD;
PO Box 2815; Sacramento, CA 95812.



Name Phone Email
Robert Barrera (916) 324-9549

The complete text of the Consumer Products Regulation can be found at:

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