Consumer Products Program - Perchloroethylene Activity

This page last reviewed February 14, 2011

This page contains documents related to the "informal" events that pertain to "Perchloroethylene." "Informal" regulatory activity refers to all activity that is NOT directly involved in the formal rulemaking process. This ongoing subject area may or may not lead to a formal rulemaking process. By clicking on an item below, you can access documents associated with the particular area of interest.


February 2011: Forms for Reporting Perchloroethylene and/or Methylene Chloride Content in Consumer Products

Cover Letter

Company Information Form 

Perchloroethylene and Methylene Chloride Reporting Forms

Confidential Information Submittal Form

Directions for Submitting Data (Enclosure 1)

Consumer Products Categories with Toxics Prohibitions (Enclosure 2)

More information is presented on the webpage for the ARB's airborne toxic control measure that reduce chlorinated compound emissions from automotive consumer products used in automotive maintenance and repair (AMR) activities.

For more information regarding perchloroethylene activities, please contact:

Femi Olaluwoye
Phone: (916) 327-1503
Fax: (916) 327-5621