April 13, 1998

Dear Sir or Madam:

At the time and place noted below, we will be conducting a public workshop to discuss a proposed voluntary photochemical reactivity regulation for consumer products. This workshop is being held in conjunction with the semi-annual meeting of the Consumer Products Working Group. We invite you to attend and welcome your participation in this workshop.

We will be holding the public workshop on Tuesday, May 5, 1998, beginning at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time at the following location:

Enclosed with this notice is a draft regulation for a proposed voluntary photochemical reactivity program for aerosol coating products. This draft regulation is being designed as an alternative compliance option to the existing Aerosol Coatings Regulation, Title 17, California Code of Regulations, sections 94520-94528. We anticipate proposing a similar regulatory structure for a voluntary photochemical reactivity program for other consumer product categories. In addition to the draft regulatory language, we will be presenting proposals for establishing maximum incremental reactivity (MIR) values for volatile organic compounds with unknown or uncertain MIR values, and an approach for assigning MIR values to petroleum distillate mixtures such as mineral spirits.

We look forward to your participation and comments. There is no need to notify us regarding your plans to attend the workshop. However, persons with disabilities who require accommodation are requested to contact Ms. Doris Rausch, of my staff, at (916) 327-1529 by April 24, 1998. A telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) is reachable at (916) 324-9531 for phones equipped with a TDD device. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Ms. Carla Takemoto, Manager, Technical Evaluation Section, at (916) 322-8283.


cc: Ms. Doris Rausch
Air Quality Measures Branch
Stationary Source Division

Ms. Carla D. Takemoto
Manager, Technical Evaluation Section
Stationary Source Division