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This page last reviewed May 15, 2019

The following items are also known as "Informal Regulatory Activity."  This means that the items may or may not become part of the formal rulemaking process, i.e. they have not yet been presented to our Board for action.  If you are searching for a particular subject that used to be here, and it has gone through the formal rulemaking process, it will be found on the Formal Rulemaking Documents page.

Current Activities

Consumer Product Program Public Work Group Meetings

At its April 12, 2019 public workshop to initiate consumer product regulation amendments, California Air Resources Board (CARB) staff proposed convening two new public work groups - a Regulatory Strategies Work Group and a Regulatory Definitions Work Group.  CARB staff invites interested stakeholders, as part of this rulemaking, to participate in the following Regulatory Strategies Work Group meetings to evaluate emission reduction opportunities from the following consumer product categories.  


Regulatory Strategies Work Group Schedule
Call-in Number: (877) 402-9753
International Caller: (636) 651-3141
Passcode: 8553320

May 20, 2019                                                   
10 am – noon
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
•    Hair Finishing Spray
•    No Rinse Shampoo
•    Dye, Permanent

•    Agenda
•    Slides
May 22, 2019                                                   
10 am – noon
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
•    Laundry Detergent
•    Liquid Fabric Softener
•    Dish Detergent/Soap (manual)
•    Aerosol Cooking Spray

•    Agenda
•    Slides
May 28, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Air Freshener, Single Phase Aerosol
•    Air Freshener, Double Phase Aerosol
•    Dual Purpose Air Freshener/ Disinfectant (aerosol)
•    Air Freshener, liquid/pump spray
•    Air Freshener, solid/semisolid  
May 30, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    General Purpose Cleaner (nonaerosol)
•    General Purpose Degreaser (nonaerosol)
•    Bathroom and Tile Cleaner (aerosol)
•    Glass Cleaner (aerosol)
June 4, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•     Aerosol Sunscreen
•    Shampoo
•    Conditioner Without Styling Claims
•    External Analgesic Product
•    Topical Anti-Fungal Product 

June 11, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Brake Cleaner
•    Floor Wax Stripper
•    Automotive Windshield Washer Fluid (Type "A" Areas)
•    Windshield Washer Additive
•    Body Repair Products (other than coatings)
June 13, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Mothballs
•    Denatured Alcohol
•    Paint Remover or Stripper
•    Scented Candle
•    Pet Care Products
June 18, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Body Wash/Mousse/Gel/Soap/Foam/Scrub
•    General Use Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap
•    Hand and Body Conditioner, Cream, Lotion, or           Moisturizer
•    Mouthwash/Rinse
June 25, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Antipersperant
•    Deodorant
•    Deodorant Body Spray
•    Personal Fragrance Product with 20% or less  fragrance
June 27, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Aerosol Disinfectant
•    Nonaerosol Disinfectant
•    Hand Sanitizer
•    Anti-microbial Hand or Body Cleaner or Soap
•    Rubbing Alcohol
July 2, 2019
10 am – noon PDT
•    Charcoal Lighter Material
•    Crawling Bug Insecticide
•    Nail Polish/Laquer/Paint

Additional Regulatory Strategies Work Group meetings will be held in Summer 2019 as needed to continue evaluation of promising categories, and examine other possible approaches for achieving emission reductions.  These work group meetings should be of interest to stakeholders as this rulemaking may require product reformulation to meet CARB’s emission reduction commitments.  
Regulatory Definitions Work Group meetings will also be scheduled for Summer 2019 to discuss stakeholder comments regarding possible updates to Consumer Product Regulation definitions and other regulatory language needed to improve program clarity, transparency and effectiveness.  No RSVP is required to participate in these work group meetings, which will typically be conducted by teleconference only.  Work group meeting materials will be available on this webpage prior to each meeting.   To be added to the email distribution list for either of these two work groups, email Ms. Lucy Negrete at:  

Background.  The 2016 State Strategy for the State Implementation Plan requires CARB develop measures to reduce consumer product volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 1 - 2 tons per day (tpd) by 2023 and 4 - 5 tpd by 2031, respectively, in the South Coast Air Basin, and 8 -10 tpd by 2031 Statewide.   At its April 12, 2019 public workshop to initiate rulemaking to meet these emission reduction commitments, CARB proposed to evaluate consumer product survey categories with more than 0.5 tpd VOC emissions as part of its rule development process.  These initial work group meetings will be held by teleconference.  

CARB also encourages interested stakeholders to meet individually with staff to discuss category-specific issues, emission reduction opportunities, and possible innovative regulatory approaches.  CARB intends to utilize these meetings to propose specific categories and possible regulatory options for discussion at a second public workshop in Fall 2019, and to bring a regulatory proposal to the Board for its consideration in late 2020.  

April 12, 2019 Workshop

To initiate rulemaking to achieve additional emission reductions from consumer products, CARB held a public workshop on April 12, 2019.  Materials from this kickoff public workshop are posted below.

    •    April 12, 2019 Workshop Notice
    •    Workshop Presentation
    •    Survey Data Summary and Findings 
        o    Appendix A:  Survey Category VOC Histogram
    •    Possible Initial Work Group Meeting Schedule - Updated

    •    Workshop Recording

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