Showcase Vehicle Information

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Equipment ID: 325C
Community Recycling and Resource Recovery, Inc.
Equipment Details
Make: CAT
Model: 325C
Year: 2002
S/N: 5GG00341
Description: Excavators
Door No: TG7J33
Engine Details
Make: Caterpillar
Model: 3126B
Year: 2002
Size: 439 C.I.D.
HP: 188
Family: 1CPXL07.2HSK
Retrofit Details
Tier: 1
Install Date: May 5, 2010 (1)
Temperature Profiles For Equipment -- 325C
Temperature Profile Profile Date Date Posted
vehicle #325C as of 02-16-2008Feb 16, 2008Aug 1, 2008
Status Status Date Date Posted
CompleteFeb 12, 2015Feb 12, 2015