This page last reviewed: February 18, 2011

Current Progress:

Current Showcase efforts include the following: researching different datalogger options, gathering temperature profile information for each piece of equipment, matching equipment to retrofit devices, and overseeing device, and datalogger installation.


The Air Resources Board in conjunction with the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, is pleased to participate in this “Off-Road Diesel Retrofit Showcase.”

The goal of the Showcase is to demonstrate the viability of diesel emission control devices in a variety of off-road environments as well as to obtain new emission control systems that will be ARB verified prior to new off-road regulations currently under development. This project provides an opportunity for manufacturers of diesel emission control technologies to participate with fleet owners in retrofitting their engines with a diesel emission control device to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) or diesel PM plus oxides of nitrogen (NOx) .  Stakeholders in the Showcase project include other local air pollution control districts in California, United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), device manufacturers, and fleet operators.

This program is open to manufacturers who have previously received verification from either the United States Environmental Protection Agency‘s ( U.S. EPA) Voluntary Retrofit Program, ARB’s Verification Procedure, or the Verminderung der Emissionen von Realmaschinen im Tunnelbau (VERT) program. Verification may be from a previous on-road or off-road verification.  

Program announcements and applications are available from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Reduction Committee and the South Coast AQMD.

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Contact Information:

For more information, please contact John Karim at (626) 459-4303 .