Showcase III

This page last reviewed: June 11, 2012

The Showcase III Program is under way! Solicitation documents can be accessed on the MSRC’s website: Proposal Process Page. A voluntary applicant workshop (attendance recommended, but you need not attend to participate in the Program) is scheduled for Thursday, July 12 at 10:00AM at the AQMD offices in Diamond Bar

Showcase III will demonstrate retrofit devices on off-road vehicles in addition to hybrid solutions and PM sensors. We’ve heard your comments and concerns during the implementation of the original program and Showcase II, and done our best to address them and make Showcase III both faster and more flexible. If you already know what device you want, either you or the manufacturer/vendor can submit a “package” proposal. Or, the MSRC can match you with a qualified device based on a manufacturer quote for installation on your specific vehicle. The MSRC will pay 100% of the cost of purchase and installation for qualified devices. This includes:

  • Full purchase cost of device, including sales tax and shipping costs. Device installation cost, and any additives needed for the 1000-hour demonstration period
  • Data logger and its installation
  • Reasonable funding for initial data logging and installation design
  • $500 per vehicle to cover a portion of fleet’s program management costs through the installation phase (only available if fleet is the applicant)

I’m really looking forward to telling folks more about how the Showcase III Program will work. So, I hope to see you at the workshop, or feel free to call me!

Cynthia Ravenstein
MSRC Contracts Administrator