Transport Refrigeration Unit ATCM - Advisories

This page last reviewed June 6, 2014

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ATCM) advisories are published as needed to clarify the TRU ATCM and ARB policies as they relate to the TRU ATCM.  To save resources, all advisories are distributed electronically through the TRU ATCM email list.  
The following are a list of current TRU ATCM advisories.

For more information, please contact ARB's toll-free Helpline at 888-878-2826 (888-TRU-ATCM).

Advisory No.
(See note 1)
13-28August 2013Operator Reporting Requirements for Terminal Operators (PDF 65 kb)
13-27April 2013Engine Rebuilder Requirements (PDF 122 kb(Español)
13-26February 2013TRU Dealer Requirements (PDF 172 kb)
13-25February 2013Enforcement of Broker-Shipper-Receiver-Carrier-Driver Requirements (PDF 206 kb) (Español)
12-24March 2014Before Purchasing TRUs Equipped with Flexibility Engines, Understand the Consequences (PDF 162 kb(Español)
12-23September 2012Prohibitions of Sale of Noncompliant TRUs and Engines (PDF 151 kb) (Español)
12-22September 2012Compliance Requirements for Model Year 2008 and Newer TRU Engines Rated at Less Than 25 HP (PDF 185 kb) (Español)
12-21August 2012Mobile Catering Company Exemptions (PDF 174 kb)
10-20 January 2011 2010 Amendments to the TRU ATCM (PDF 9kb) (Español)
10-19 January 2011 Changes to Compliance Requirements for Model Year 2003 TRU Engines ( PDF 35kb(Español)
13-18August 2013Compliance with the TRU Regulation by Repowering with New or Rebuilt Replacement Engines (PDF 122kb(Español)
09-17 April 2013 Compliance Requirements for TRUs Based Outside California (PDF 32kb(Español)
08-16 April 2013 TRU ATCM Requirements for Banks and Financial Institutions (PDF 40kb)
08-15 January 2011 Revised Enforcement Schedule for TRU In-Use Performance Requirements and TRU Registration (PDF 30kb(Español)
08-14 January 2011 GTL Synthetic Diesel Fuel (PDF 37kb)
08-13 January 2011 Hybrid Cryogenic Temperature Control System Compliance Option (PDF 32kb)
08-12 July 2013 ULETRU Compliance Extension Awarded for Early LETRU Compliance (PDF 120kb)
08-10 January 2011 Affixing or Painting ARB Identification Numbers on TRUs ( PDF 29kb(Español)
08-09January 2011 No Low-Use Exemption or Non-Operational TRUs (PDF 25kb(Español)
08-08January 2011 Biodiesel (PDF 41kb(Español)
08-07January 2011 Flexibility Engines - Retrofit with VDECS (PDF 40kb)
08-06April 2013 TRU ATCM Application Information for Identification Numbers (PDF 39kb(Español)
08-05Deleted 2-12-13 Using Rebuilt/Remanufactured Engines for TRU ATCM Compliance - Superceded by Advisory 13-27
08-04April 2013 TRU ATCM Requirements for Leased/Rented TRUs (PDF 64kb(Español)
08-03 January 2011 Use of BIC-Codes, and Recording Marks in Place of ARB Identification Numbers (PDF 32kb)
08-02 Deleted 11-16-12 Electric Standby/Hybrid Electric Compliance Option - Replaced by Regulatory Guidance
08-01 January 2011 Use of Model Year to Determine Compliance Date (PDF-22kb(Español)
05-01 January 2011 TRU Regulatory Advisory (PDF-60kb)
420 September 2010 DECS (Retrofit) Component Swapping and Redesignation

Note 1:   Use of a suffix in the advisory number to indicate the revision number has been discontinued.  For example, the "-R2" in the earlier version of Advisory  08-03-R2 indicated revision 2.  The new convention is to indicate in the heading of the advisory itself, the month and year of the last update.  Revision suffixes are being removed from documents over time.  Please disregard all remnant occurrences of the revision suffix in TRU-related documents.

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