Verification Procedure - Level 1

This page last reviewed November 4, 2011.

The Level 1 page is currently being modified to give each product an individual page.  If you have the Level 1 page bookmarked, please create a new bookmark for the specific manufacturer’s product(s) in which you are interested.  The new links will also be available from the “Currently Verified” page by clicking on the product name.  Thank you for your patience while we complete  these changes.

Level 1 verification is for those technologies achieving at least 25 percent or greater reduction in particulate matter. The current verified technologies are listed below. Please read the verification letter(s) below which provide additional information on the applicability of the device for your particular engine. Click on the link below each system for a list of engine families for which devices have been approved (engine series names are provided for reference in most cases). For more detailed information or to purchase the device, please contact the device manufacturer directly. New information will be posted as additional systems are verified. Please check periodically for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: Verifications are issued chronologically.  The most recently issued Executive Order is the one which is currently in effect and is listed below each manufacturer’s verification.  This Executive Order supersedes any previous Executive Orders for the same product.   Should you wish to view any previous Executive Orders for reference purposes related to a manufacturer’s verification, please click on the associated link below each description.

Donaldson DCM 6000/6400

Donaldson DCM 6000/6400 and Spiracle™


Donaldson DCM 6100

Donaldson DCM 6100 and Spiracle™


Donaldson Company DCM Off-Road

Extengine Transport Systems