Rule 303  Burn or No-Burn Day

     303.1.    Prohibition.  No person required to comply with
               the provisions of this Rule shall knowingly permit
               open outdoor fires on days when such burning is
               prohibited by the ARB, the APCO, or the fire
               agency with appropriate jurisdiction.

     303.2.    Notice

               A.   A notice as to whether the following day is a
                    permissive Burn day, or No-Burn day, or
                    whether the decision will be announced the
                    following day, is provided by the ARB by 3:00
                    PM daily for each of the air basins.  If the
                    decision is made the following day, it is
                    announced by 7:45 AM.  Such notices shall be
                    based on the Meteorological Criteria for
                    Regulating Agricultural Burning, CCR, Article
                    3, Sections 80180 through 80320 of the
                    Agricultural Burning Guidelines.

               B.   Agricultural burning is prohibited on No-Burn
                    days, except as specified in CCR Section
                    80102, CCR Section 80120, subdivisions (d)
                    and (e), and as may be permitted by a
                    provision in an implementation plan adopted
                    pursuant to CCR Section 89150(c)(5).  In
                    authorizing such burning, the APCO shall
                    limit the amount of acreage which can be
                    burned in any one day and only authorize
                    burning when downwind metropolitan areas are
                    forecasted by the ARB to achieve the ambient
                    air quality standards.

               C.   Upon request from a permittee through a
                    designated agency, seven days in advance of a
                    specific range improvement burn, forest
                    management burn, or wildland vegetation
                    management burn, at any elevation below 6,000
                    feet mean sea level, a permissive Burn or No-
                    Burn notice will be issued by the ARB up to
                    48 hours prior to the date scheduled for the
                    burn.  Without further request, a daily
                    notice will continue to be issued until a
                    permissive Burn notice is issued.

               D.   Notwithstanding subdivision (c) of CCR
                    Section 80110, the ARB may cancel permissive
                    Burn notices that have been issued more than
                    24 hours in advance if the cancellation is
                    necessary to maintain suitable air quality.

               E.   A permissive Burn or No-Burn advisory outlook
                    will be available up to 72 hour in advance of
                    burns specified in subdivision (c) of CCR
                    Section 80110.

               F.   A permissive Burn day notice from the ARB or
                    APCD does not override decisions prohibiting
                    burning by fire agencies with appropriate

     303.3.    Exception.  The APCO may issue a special permit to
               authorize the use of open outdoor fires on No-Burn
               days as designated by the ARB or APCD when denial
               of such a permit would threaten imminent and
               substantial economic loss, and when downwind
               metropolitan areas are forecasted by the ARB to
               achieve the ambient air quality standards.