Rule 308  Wildland Vegetation Management Burning

     308.1.    Wildland Vegetation Management Burning is defined
               in this Rule as the use of prescribed burning
               conducted by a public agency or through a
               cooperative agreement or contract involving a
               public agency to burn land predominantly covered
               with chaparral (as defined in CCR, Title 14,
               Section 1561.1), trees, grass, or standing brush.

     308.2.    Requirements

               A.   This Rule applies to all burning which meets
                    the definition as stated in Rule 308.1,
                    regardless of whether such burning also meets
                    another definition in this Regulation.

               B.   All open outdoor fires shall be ignited only
                    with approved ignition devices as defined in
                    Rule 300.2.C.

               C.   The APCO shall regulate total acreage or
                    tonnage that may be burned each day within
                    the APCD.

               D.   The APCO shall regulate burning or require
                    mitigation when the meteorological conditions
                    could otherwise cause smoke to create or
                    contribute to a violation of a state or
                    federal ambient air quality standard or cause
                    a public nuisance.

               E.   Vegetation burned under this Rule shall be
                    free of tires, rubbish, tar paper or
                    demolition debris, and reasonably free of
                    dirt and soil.

               F.   Vegetation shall be in a condition to
                    facilitate combustion and minimize the amount
                    of smoke emitted during combustion.

               G.   Persons engaged in wildland vegetation
                    management burning shall comply with the
                    following Rules:

                    1.   Rule 302 Air Pollution Permit

                    2.   Rule 303 Burn or No-Burn Day

                    3.   Rule 306 Burn Plan