Rule 408  Attainment Pollutant Air Quality Analysis.  Utilizing
          the air quality simulation model designated in Rule
          407, the Air Pollution Control Officer shall determine
          the increases in attainment pollutant concentrations in
          downwind District zones and other Air Pollution Control
          Districts that will occur as a result of operation of
          proposed facilities or modifications.  The Air
          Pollution Control Officer may require that the
          modelling cost be borne by the applicant.  The model
          shall consider air quality impacts projected for the
          area as a result of general commercial, residential,
          industrial, and other growth associated with the
          facility if such facility or modification is proposed
          to employ more than 2,000 new residents.  The applicant
          shall provide an analysis of the impairment to
          visibility, soils, and vegetation that would occur as a
          result of the new or modified facility's associated
          growth, except that such analysis of impacts on vegeta-
          tion having no significant commercial or recreational
          value need not be provided.  The Air Pollution Control
          Officer may require the applicant to monitor applicable
          pollutants for a maximum of one year prior to
          consideration of an application for Authority to
          Construct, and for a period determined by the Air
          Pollution Control Officer to be necessary after
          issuance of the Permit to Operate for the facility or
          modification to determine compliance with national
          ambient air quality standards or attainment pollutant
          increments contained in Rule 413.  Such monitoring
          shall comply with 40 CFR, Part 53, and the Air
          Resources Board Quality Assurance Plan for Ambient Air