LAST REVISED 06/25/91   

Rule 602  Permit Fee Penalty.  When the Permit to Operate is
          issued, it will be accompanied by a statement of the
          fee to be paid.  If the fee is not paid within thirty
          (30) days after the Permit is issued, the fee shall be
          increased by one-half the amount thereof and the Air
          Pollution Control Officer (APCO) shall thereupon
          promptly notify the applicant of the increased fee by
          mail.  If the increased fee is not paid within  sixty
          (60) days after the Permit is issued, the application
          shall be deemed withdrawn and canceled.  The APCO shall
          so notify the applicant by mail, and the Permit shall
          be void.  Continuing to operate shall subject the
          operator to penalties of up to $1000.00 per day per
          permit unit for each day of operation.  The increased
          fee and penalty must be paid in full before the Permit
          will be reissued.