LAST REVISED 06/25/91   

Rule 605  Analysis Fees.  Where the APCO finds that an analysis
          of the emission from any source is necessary to
          determine the extent and amount of pollutants being
          discharged into the atmosphere which cannot determined
          by visual observation, the APCO may order the
          collection of samples and the physical and/or chemical
          analysis made or the collection of data and the
          engineering analysis made by qualified personnel as
          determined by the APCO.  The time required for
          collecting samples or data, making the physical,
          chemical, or engineering analysis, and preparing the
          necessary reports, as well as costs incurred by the
          District in any work required to be done to comply with
          the California Environmental Quality Act, or in
          compliance with any other state law or regulation, may
          be charged against the owner or operator of said
          premises in a  sum to be determined by the APCO, which
          sum is not to exceed the actual cost of such work.