LAST REVISED 06/25/91   

Rule 609  Miscellaneous Fees.  Fees required to be collected by
          the District for the state or federal government are
          due and payable within thirty (30) days.  After thirty
          (30) days of billing, the amount will be increased by
          fifty percent (50%).  If the amount is not paid within
          an additional thirty (30) days (sixty days from billing
          date), the billed amount will be increased by one
          hundred percent (100%).  If the full amount is not paid
          within 120 days, the Permit shall be deemed revoked. 
          The APCO shall notify the operator by mail, and the
          Permit shall be void.  Continuing to operate without a
          Permit shall subject the operator to penalties of
          $1000.00 per day per permit unit for each day of
          operation.  The increased penalty must be paid in full
          before the Permit will be reissued. (Health and Safety
          Code Section 44380)