LAST REVISED 10/21/89 

Rule 901  Compliance

     901.1.    Enforcement.  This Regulation shall be enforced by
               the APCO under authority of Sections 40001, 40702,
               40752, and all officers empowered by Section

     901.2.    APCD-wide Coverage.  Rules and prohibitions as set
               forth in this Regulation shall apply in all
               portions of the Amador County Air Pollution
               Control District.

     901.3.    Penalty.  A violation of the provisions of this
               Regulation, or of Section 41700 is a misdemeanor
               punishable by imprisonment in the County Jail not
               exceeding twelve (12) months or by fine not
               exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars
               ($25,000.00) or both.  Every day during any
               portion of which such violation occurs constitutes
               a separate offense.  (Sections 42400, 42400.1,
               42400.2, 42400.5, 42402, 42402.1, 42402.2, and