RULE 1101
Secondary Lead Smelters/Sulfur Oxides

(Adopted: 10/07/77)

  1. A person shall not discharge into the atmosphere from any lead melting furnace such as described in Section (b) below, effluent process gas containing sulfur oxides in excess of the concentration and mass flow rate indicated by both subsections (a)(1) and (a)(2):
    1. 200 ppm of sulfur oxides expressed as sulfur dioxide, measured at the point of emission to the atmosphere, and calculated on a dry basis averaged over a minimum of 15 consecutive minutes, and
    2. 2.1 kilograms of sulfur oxides per metric ton of process weight (4.2 pounds of sulfur oxides per short ton of process weight) expressed as sulfur dioxide.
  2. This rule shall apply only to furnaces used to recover lead from the following:
    1. Automotive batteries, and/or
    2. Slag and dross resulting from the melting of automotive batteries.

[SIP: Approved 40 CFR 52.220(c)(70)(i)(B)]