Rule 1103.
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Manufacturing Operations

(Adopted April 6, 1980)(Amended December 7, 1990)

(a) Applicability

The provisions of this rule shall apply to:

(b) Definition For the purpose of this rule, the following definitions shall apply:

(c) Equipment Requirements

(d) Operating Requirements

An operator shall conform to the following operational requirements.

(e) Recordkeeping Requirements

Notwithstanding provisions of paragraph (g), a person operating a pharmaceutical or cosmetic manufacturing plant shall maintain a daily record of the type and volume of VOC-containing materials used in manufacturing and cleanup. VOC records shall be maintained at the facility for at least two years, and be made available to the District upon request.

(f) Test Methods

Control device efficiency shall be determined according to EPA Method 25 or SCAQMD Test Method 25.1 (March 1989). Emissions determined to exceed any limits established by this rule through the use of either test method shall constitute a violation of this rule.

(g) Exemptions

The provisions of this rule shall not apply to facilities that emit, at the design production rating, 15 pounds per day or less of volatile organic compounds.