Rule 1108. Cutback Asphalt

(Adopted May 4, 1979)(Amended December 4, 1981)
(Amended November 4, 1983)(Amended February 1, 1985)

(a) Definitions

For the purpose of this rule, cutback asphalt is a liquid petroleum product produced by fluxing an asphaltic base with suitable distillate and is classed as medium or slow curing grade, as defined in Section 93 of the January 1981, State of California Department of Transportation Standard Specifications.

(b) Requirements

A person shall not sell or offer for sale for use in the District, or use any cutback asphalt containing more than 0.5 percent by volume organic compounds which evaporate at 260oC (500oF) or lower as determined by ASTM Method D402 (AASHTO T78) or other test method as approved by the Executive Officer.

(c) Exemptions

The provisions of this rule shall not apply to the use of cutback asphalt that is subject to the provisions of other Regulation XI rules, or specifically exempted in such rules.