Rule 1116.1
Lightering Vessel Operations - Sulfur Content of Bunker Fuel

(Adopted October 20, 1978)

(a) Definitions

For the purpose of this rule:

  1. VESSEL means any tugboat, tanker, freighter, barge or any other boat or ship, except those used primarily for recreation.
  2. LIGHTER means any vessel which receives organic liquid cargo except bunker fuel during a lightering operation.
  3. LIGHTERING means the bulk transfer of organic liquid cargo, of more than 250 BBL bunker fuel, from one vessel into another vessel.
  4. ORGANIC VAPOR means any vaporized components of an organic liquid.
  5. OPERATION means any activity associated with the transfer of organic liquid.
  6. DISTRICT COASTAL WATER means those waters lying between the California coastline described below:

      Starting at the Los Angeles County-Ventura County line at the Pacific Ocean,
      thence to 34.0oN 118.9oW (east of Anacapa Island),
      thence to 32.8oN 118.9oW (southwest of San Clemente Island),
      thence to 32.5oN 118.5oW (south of San Clemente Island),
      thence to 33.0oN 118.0oW (northeast of San Clemente Island),
      and ending at the Orange County-San Diego County line at the Pacific Ocean.

(b) Fuel Oil Sulfur Content

  1. After March 1, 1980, a person shall not operate any lighter within District Coastal Waters unless such lighter burns liquid fuels having a sulfur content less than or equal to 0.5 weight percent.
  2. The prohibition of paragraph (b)(1) shall not apply to a lighter if the emissions of sulfur compounds emitted into the atmosphere from the lighter are not greater than those which would be emitted by using a fuel which complies with paragraph (b)(1).

(c) Loading and Unloading of Lighters

The owner or operator of a lighter shall not load or unload, or allow the loading or unloading of organic liquid, except bunker fuel, into or from its lighter at any port or berthing facility within the District Coastal Waters if such lighter has not complied with the provisions of this rule.

(d) Records and Reporting

A person operating a vessel used exclusively for lightering operations within District Coastal Waters shall submit to the Executive Officer a monthly summary of the amount of liquid fuel and the sulfur content of the fuel burned by such vessels. Such monthly summary shall be submitted within 30 days of the end of the calendar month to the Executive Officer.

(e) Severability

If any portion of this rule shall be found to be unenforceable, such finding shall have no effect on the enforceability of the remaining portions of the rule, which shall continue to be in full force and effect.

(f) Coast Guard Rules

Nothing in this rule shall be construed as superseding or conflicting with United States Coast Guard Regulations.

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