RULE 1174

(Adopted October 5, 1990)

(a) Applicability

This rule applies to manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers of materials and/or methods used to ignite barbecue charcoal.

(b) Definitions

  1. BARBECUE CHARCOAL is any solid, carbon-based material used as a fuel source for outdoor direct-flame cooking.
  2. CHIMNEY is a metal cylinder with a bottom grate and vent at the bottom to allow the flow of air. Paper tinder is placed on the grate and charcoal briquets are placed on top of the tinder.
  3. ELECTRIC PROBE is any electric device designed and specifically marketed for the purpose of igniting charcoal.
  4. VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND (VOC) is any volatile compound of carbon, excluding methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metallic carbides or carbonates, and ammonium carbonate.

(c) Requirements

  1. A person shall not supply, sell, or offer for sale any material and/or methods used to ignite barbecue charcoal within the District, unless it has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Executive Officer, in accordance with District Test Protocol, that the VOC emissions resulting from the ignition of the barbecue charcoal are less than or equal to 0.02 pound of VOC per start.
  2. Manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers of materials or methods subject to provisions of subparagraph (c)(1) shall provide certification of the test performed, including product formulation and test results to the Executive Officer for approval.
  3. Manufacturers, distributors, and/or retailers supplying, selling, or offering for sale within the jurisdiction of the District any barbecue charcoal ignition material or method not listed in (e), which has been approved by the Executive Officer, shall clearly and correctly indicate on the container that the material or method complies with District Rule 1174, and shall describe on the container the proper procedures for use or application of the method or material so that it complies with Rule 1174. This requirement may be satisfied by affixing a sticker or label to the container which sets forth this information.
  4. Reformulation of a barbecue charcoal ignition material shall require recertification.

(d) Compliance Schedule

The provisions of this rule shall become effective January 1, 1992.

(e) Exemptions

The following methods/materials used to ignite barbecue charcoal will not require certification:

  1. Electric starter (electric probe);
  2. Chimneys using paper tinder;
  3. Natural gas; and
  4. Propane