[(Adopted: 1/9/76; Amended: 1/5/90; Amended: 8/19/97)]


Rule 217
Provision for Sampling and Testing Facilities

The Air Pollution Control Officer may require the applicant or permittee to provide and maintain such facilities as are necessary for sampling and testing. In the event of such requirements, the Air Pollution Control Officer shall notify the applicant in writing of the required size, number and location of sampling ports; the size and location of the sampling platform; the access to the sampling platform, and the utilities for operating the sampling and testing equipment. The platform and access shall be constructed in accordance with the General Industry Safety Orders of the State of California.

[SIP: Submitted as amended on 8/19/97; Approved 11/9/78, 43 FR 52237, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(39)(iii)(B); Approved 11/9/78, 43 FR 52237, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(31)(vi)(C)]