RULE 2200
Transportation Outreach Program

(Adopted: 01/19/99)

(A) General

  1. Purpose
    (a) This rule provides a mechanism for obtaining documentation of emission reduction efforts resulting from trip reduction programs.

  2. Applicability
    (a) The provisions of this rule apply to any Employer with 250 or more Employees reporting to a Worksite within the District boundaries.

(B) Definitions

  1. For the purposes of this rule, the following definitions shall apply:

    (a) "Air Pollution Control Officer" (APCO) - the person appointed to the position of Air Pollution Control Officer of the District pursuant to the provisions of California Health & Safety Code §40750 and his or her designee.

    (b) "Commute Survey" - a survey conducted and reported in accordance with guidance issued by the APCO.

    (c) "Employee" - any person hired by an employer to work full- or part-time for a wage or salary during sixteen or more consecutive weeks, provided the person works at least ten hours per week on average. The term exempts independent contractors.

    (d) "Employer" - any employer with an account number issued by the State of California Employment Development Department.

    (e) "Worksite" - a structure, building, portion of a building, or grouping of buildings in physical contact, or on contiguous properties, or on properties separated solely by a public or private roadway or right-of-way, and that are owned, occupied, or operated by the same Employer.

(C) Requirements

  1. Within 30 days of receiving a request for information from the District or of becoming subject to this rule, an Employer shall register with the District in the form and manner prescribed by the APCO.

  2. Annually the District will send a registration update form to Employers which they must confirm/correct and return within 30 days of receipt.

  3. On biennial dates mutually agreed to by the Employer and the APCO, Employer shall conduct a Commute Survey. Employer shall submit the survey data to the District within 45 days of conducting the survey. The District will not establish any initial Commute Survey dates which fall within 120 days of the date of adoption of this rule.

    (a) Employer must achieve a fifty percent or better return rate of properly completed surveys.

  4. In lieu of conducting a standardized Commute Survey, an employer may propose and use an alternative method of collecting commute information provided that the alternate method is at least as accurate as a standard survey and is pre-approved by the APCO.

  5. The District shall report annually to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the results of the Commute Surveys.

(D) Exemptions

  1. The provisions of subsection (C)(3) of this rule shall not apply to any Worksite where less than 125 employees are scheduled to report to work between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Employers must notify the District not later than 90 days after they know or should have known that they no longer qualify for this exemption.

(E) Violations

  1. Failure to register, update registration, or collect and report Employee commute data in a manner approved by the APCO by specified deadlines is a violation of this rule.

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