RULE 441
Research Operations

(Adopted: 05/07/76)

The provisions of Regulation IV except Rule 402 shall not apply to experimental research operations when the following requirements are met:

(a) The purpose of the operation is to permit investigation, experiment, or research to advance the state of knowledge or the state of the art; and

(b) The Air Pollution Control Officer has given written prior approval which shall include limitation of time.

The Air Pollution Control Officer shall not grant approval unless the operation is conducted in a manner to minimize emissions into the atmosphere to the maximum
extent possible.

[SIP: Disapproved and renumbered from prior disapproval 1/16/81, 46 FR 3883, 40 CFR 52.272(a)(4)(i)(A) and 40 CFR 52.272(a)(9)(i); Disapproved 9/8/78, 43 FR 40011, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(39)(iii)(C) and 40 CFR 52.272(a)(4)(i)(A); Disapproved 6/14/78, 43 FR 28684, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(32)(iv)(A) and 40 CFR 52.272(a)(2)(i)(A)]