RULE 472
Reduction Of Animal Matter

(Adopted: 05/07/76)

(a) A person shall not operate or use any equipment for the reduction of animal matter unless all gases, vapors and gas-entrained effluents from such equipment are:

  1. Incinerated at temperatures of not less than 650oC (1202oF) for a period of not less than 0.3 second, or

  2. Processed in such a manner determined by the Air Pollution Control Officer to the equally, or more, effective for the purpose of air pollution control than (1) above.

(b) A person incinerating or processing gases, vapors or gas-entrained effluents pursuant to this rule shall provide, properly install and maintain in calibration, in good working order and in operation, devices, as specified by the Air Pollution Control Officer, for indicating temperature, pressure or other operating conditions.

(c) The provisions of this rule shall not apply to any equipment used exclusively for the processing of food for human consumption.

[SIP: Approved 9/8/78, 43 FR 40011, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(39)(iii)(C); Approved 6/14/78, 43 FR 25684, 40 CFR 52.220(c)(37)(i)(A)]