Wildland  vegetation management burning shall conform to the
               Rules and Regulations  of  the  District and also conform to
               the following requirements:
               A.  Any proposed burn, regardless of size, which will occur
                    below a mean elevation of 1000  feet,  or  any proposed
                    burn  which  encompasses a land area greater than  10.0
                    acres and which  occurs at or above a mean elevation of
                    1000  feet  shall include  the  following  data  to  be
                    submitted in a burn plan to the District at least seven
                    (7) days prior to ignition:

                    1.  Acreage covered by the burn plan

                    2.  Location  and  specific  objectives  of  the  burn

                    3.  Type  and  condition of fuel and arrangement of the
                        vegetation to be burned

                    4.  Direction and  distances  to populated or sensitive
                        receptor areas

                    5.  Project burn schedule (ignition  to  burndown)  and
                        fuel combustion prescription elements

                    6.   Fuel  condition,  combustion,  and  meteorological
                         prescription elements developed for the burn projects

                    7.   Specifications for monitoring and verifying project

                    8.   Procedures  for  notifying  the  public and  other
                         agencies of the burn

               B.   No  more  than  6,000  acres of wildland vegetation  as
                    defined in these rules shall be ignited on any one (1) day
                    within Butte County.

               C.   Upon  request  from a permittee through  the  District,
                    seven (7) days in advance of a specific range improvement
                    burn, forest management burn, or  wildland   vegetation
                    management burn, at any elevation below 6,000 feet (msl), 
                    a permissive-burn or no-burn notice will be issued by the
                    state board up to 48 hours prior  to the date  of  the
                    scheduled burn.  Without further request, a daily notice
                    will continue to be issued until a permissive-burn notice 
                    is issued.

               D.   Notwithstanding  Rule  330C, the state board may cancel
                    permissive-burn notices that have been issued more than
                    24 hours in advance if the cancellation is necessary to
                    maintain suitable air quality.

               E.   A permissive-burn or no-burn  advisory  outlook will be
                    available up to 72 hours in advance of burns  specified
                    in Rule 330C.