District Rules Database Disclaimer

This page last reviewed November 07, 2011

This District Rules Database includes rules from all 35 air districts in either HTML or PDF formats. If you have any questions with respect to the districts, please contact them directly.


Infrequently, the District Rules Database (DRDB) might not contain the latest version of a district rule. The Air Resources Board, with the assistance of the districts, will keep the rules database as current as possible. A review of the actual district version of a rule is recommended when in doubt. Also, it should be noted that the rule displayed in the current rules may not be in the applicable State Implementation Plan (SIP). For information regarding the applicable SIP, please contact the district directly or Cynthia Allen of the United States Environmental Protection Agency at (415) 744-1189.

If you have any questions about the integrity of the information found in the DRDB, please contact Mike Guzzetta at (916) 322-6025. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.