Rule 902 Phase I Vapor Recovery Requirements.
ADOPTED April 17, 1989
AMENDED September 18, 1990

902.1 Phase I Storage Tanks.
No owner or operator of a retail service station shall transfer, permit the transfer, or provide equipment for the transfer of gasoline, unless an ARB-certified Phase I vapor recovery system is installed on the stationary storage tank and used during the transfer.

902.2 Defective Phase I Vapor Recovery System.
Whenever the A.P.C.O. or designee determines that a gasoline storage tank, Phase I vapor recovery system, or any component thereof, contains a defect, the A.P.C.O. or designee shall tag such system or component "Out of Order". No person shall use or permit the use of such tagged component or system until it has been repaired, replaced, or adjusted as required to permit proper operation, and the A.P.C.O., or designee has reinspected it or has authorized its use pending reinspection.