Rule 904 Operation and Maintenance.
ADOPTED April 17, 1989
AMENDED September 18, 1990

904.1 Phase II Transfer Requirements.

  1. A person shall not transfer, permit the transfer, or provide equipment for the transfer of gasoline from a retail service station tank subject to the provisions of Rule 903 (Phase II) into any motor vehicle fuel tank unless:
  2. The vapor recovery system is operating in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and is maintained to be leak free, vapor tight, and in good working order; and
  3. The equipment subject to this rule is operated and maintained with none of the following defects, pursuant to the definitions in the California Code of Regulations Section 94006, Subchapter 8, Chapter 1, Part III, of Title 17:
    1. Absence or disconnection of any component required to be used in the system as certified by the A.R.B.
    2. A vapor hose which is crimped or flattened such that the vapor passage is blocked.
    3. A nozzle boot which is torn in one or more of the following manners:
      1. Triangular-shaped or similar tear 1/2 inch or more to a side, or hole 1/2 inch or more in diameter or;
      2. Slit 1 inch or more in length.
    4. Faceplate or flexible cone which is damaged in the following manner:
      1. Balance nozzles and nozzles for aspirator and eductor assist type systems, damage shall be such that the capability to achieve a seal with a fill pipe interface is affected for 1/4 of the circumference of the faceplate (accumulated).
      2. Nozzles for vacuum assist type systems, more than 1/4 of the flexible cone is missing.
    5. Nozzle shutoff mechanisms which malfunction in any manner.
    6. Vapor return lines, including such components as swivels, anti-recirculation valves and underground piping, which malfunction or are blocked.
    7. Vapor processing unit which is inoperative or severely malfunctioning.
    8. Vacuum producing device which is inoperative or severely malfunctioning.
    9. Pressure/vacuum relief valves, vapor check valves, or dry breaks which are inoperative.
    10. Any equipment defect which is identified in an A.R.B. system certification as substantially impairing the effectiveness of the system in reducing air contaminants.
904.2 Posting of Operating Instructions.
The owner or operator of each gasoline dispensing facility requiring a Phase II vapor recovery system shall conspicuously post in the gasoline dispensing area operating instructions for the system and the District's or the A.R.B. telephone number for complaints. The instructions shall clearly describe how to fuel vehicles correctly with the vapor recovery nozzles, and shall include a warning that topping off may result in spillage or recirculation of gasoline.

904.3 Defective Phase II Equipment - Prohibition of use.
Whenever the A.P.C.O. or designee determines that a Phase II vapor recovery system, or any component thereof, contains a defect specified by the A.R.B. pursuant to Rule 904.1 A, B the A.P.C.O. or designee shall mark such system or component "Out of Order". No person shall use or permit the use of such marked component or system until it has been repaired, replaced, or adjusted as required to permit proper operation, and the A.P.C.O. or designee has reinspected it or has authorized its use pending reinspection.