Rule 905 Delivery Vessels Equipped With Vapor Recovery.
ADOPTED April 17, 1989
AMENDED September 18, 1990

905.l Vapor Tight Requirement. No person shall store gasoline in or otherwise use or operate any gasoline delivery vessel unless such vessel is designed and maintained to be vapor tight and the pressure/vacuum on tank trucks be to within 10% of the maximum allowable working pressure, or at least 0.5 psi. A person shall not allow loading or unloading of gasoline, or other use or operation of any vapor recovery equipped transporting vessel unless the vessel has a valid certification of vapor integrity as defined by the applicable A.R.B. Certification and Test Procedures, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 41962 (g) and the California Code of Regulations Title 17, Section 94004.

905.2 Loading Requirements. No owner or operator of any vapor recovery equipped gasoline delivery vessel shall load, permit the loading or provide equipment for the loading of gasoline into such a vessel unless an ARB-certified vapor recovery system or its equivalent, approved by the A.P.C.O., is used during the transfer.

905.3 Unloading Requirements. The owner or operator of any vapor recovery equipped gasoline delivery vessel shall, when unloading gasoline to any Phase I equipped storage tank, use a Phase I vapor recovery system. Vapor recovery equipped gasoline delivery vessels shall not be prevented from unloading gasoline to storage tanks which are exempted from having a Phase I vapor recovery system pursuant to the requirements of this rule.