Rule 913 Compliance.
ADOPTED April 17, 1989
AMENDED September 18, 1990

  1. Enforcement.
  2. These Rules and Regulations shall be enforced by the A.P.C.O. under the authority of Sections 40001, 40702, 40752 and all officers empowered by section 40120.
  3. Penalty.
  4. Penalties will be assessed as stated in Article 3 Sections 42400, 42400.2, 42402, 42402.2 for any violations of the provisions of this regulation is a misdemeanor as stated in the Health and Safety Code.
  5. Authority to Inspect.
  6. For the purpose of enforcing or administering any State or local law, order, regulation, or rule relating to air pollution, the A.P.C.O. and duly authorized agents shall have the right of entry to any premises on which an air pollution emission source is located for the purpose of inspecting such source, including securing samples of emissions therefrom, or any records required to be maintained therewith by the District. The A.P.C.O. or duly authorized agent shall have the right to inspect sampling and monitoring apparatus as deems necessary.

    In addition, for tanks with secondary seals, the primary seal envelope shall be made available for inspection by the Air Pollution Control Officer prior to the installation of the secondary seal. For tanks with secondary seals installed before June 19, 1979, the primary seal envelope shall be made available for unobstructed inspection by the Air Pollution Control Officer for its full length every 5 years after June 19, 1979, except that if the secondary seal is voluntarily removed by the owner or operator prior thereto, it shall be made available for such inspection at that time. The owner or operator shall provide notification to the Air Pollution Control Officer no less than 7 working days prior to voluntary removal of the secondary seal.