Rule 301  Compliance 
               A.   Enforcement.  These Rules and Regulations
                    shall be enforced by the APCO under authority
                    of Section 40001, 40702, 40752, and all
                    officers empowered by Section 40120.          
               B.   Penalty.  Penalties will be assessed as stated
                    in Section 42400, 42400.1 and 42400.5, for any
                    violation; 41852 and 41800 is a misdemeanor as
                    stated in the Health and Safety Code.

                    In lieu of any other civil and criminal
                    penalties, administrative civil penalties are
                    as follows:

               C.   Administrative Civil Penalties:
                    1st Violation: $100.00 to $250.00 per violation.
                    2nd  Violation:  $250.00 to $500.00
                    3rd  Violation:  Maximum penalty, $1000.00 per
                    violation.  All burning privileges suspended.

                    Land Development Burning:

                    1st Violation: $250.00 to $500.00 per violation
                    2nd Violation: $1000.00 minimum, plus 50% of
                    disposal costs.
                    3rd Violation:Maximum penalty if one rule
                    violated, $1000.00 per violation for multiple
                    rules, plus disposal costs.  All burning
                    privileges are suspended.

                    The APCD may recover any fire suppression
                    costs attributed to extinguishing fire to be
                    in violation of these rules and reimburse the
                    Fire District or Fire Agency involved.