Rule 607 Fee Schedules.
ADOPTED September 11, 1989

Pursuant to this rule each source shall be charged fees for each permit to help offset District's costs pertaining to the issuance of permits and the ongoing inspections needed to provide the data necessary for permit evaluations. The fee may include all reasonable costs associated with the District's business as it relates to permits and inspections thereof, including but not necessarily limited to: the costs of reviewing, implementing and enforcing the terms and conditions of any such permit. Related actual coasts for salaries, fringe benefits, legal expenses, amortized cost of equipment and vehicles plus maintenance of said vehicles and equipment, rent and other direct and indirect costs which result from the administration of the permit system.   

The intention of the fees charged therein is to recover some of the reasonable District costs associated with the implementation of the permit system pursuant to Section 42300 and 42311 of the California State Health and Safety Code. 


607.1 Fee Schedule Index

SCHEDULE A (Rule 607.1A) General
SCHEDULE B (Rule 607.1B) Emission Permit to Operate Fee 
SCHEDULE C (Rule 607.1C) Gasoline Transfers 
SCHEDULE D (Rule 607.1D) Tank Fee - Stations/Bulk Plants 
SCHEDULE E (Rule 607.1E) Time and Material (Services) 

607.1A General
  1. Authority to Construct: $50.00 fee due at time of application.
  2. Analysis Fees: Not to exceed actual engineering cost. See Rule 603.3
  3. Permit to Operate: See the following Schedule
  4. Duplicate Permit: $15.00 each
  5. Technical Reports: Not to exceed reasonable cost of preparation. See Rule 603.10
  6. Hearing Board Fees: $180.00 plus analysis fees if required.
607.1B Emission Permit to Operate Fees
    1. Fees are required for initial and annual renewal Permits to Operate as stated in this rule for all equipment and those operations which emit any one or a combined total of the following air contaminants: gaseous sulfur compounds (expressed as sulfur dioxide), total organic gases (except those compounds containing sulfur), oxides of nitrogen (expressed as nitrogen dioxide), or particulate matter rounded to the nearest ton.
    2. Such sources shall be assessed an initial (first year) and then annually for permit to operate fee in accordance with the following tables:

      Total Emission in 
      Tons Per Year Per Permit
      Initial Permit 
      to Operate Fee 
       Annual Permit to
      Fee Operate Fee 
      0 - 10
      11 - 25
      26 - 50
      51 - 75
      76 - 100
      101 - 200
      201 - 300
      301 - 400
      401 - 500
      501 - 1,000
      Over 1,000 TPY calculated at $ .25 per ton
 Exemption to this rule: All service stations and bulk plant facilities are exempt from this rule.
607.1C Gasoline Transfer at Service Stations, Bulk Plants
  1. The current $20.00 permit fee for service stations shall remain in effect until conversion to Phase II (nozzles) has been made, at which time the nozzle fee will replace the $20.00 permit fee.
  2. All service stations selling gasoline or gasohol shall pay the following permit to operate fees.
    1. Initial fee $11.60 per nozzle.
    2. Renewal fee $11.60 per nozzle.
  3. Nozzles used exclusively for the delivery of diesel fuel pay no fee.
  4. All bulk plants, terminals or other facilities using loading racks to transfer gasoline or gasohol into tanker trucks shall pay the following permit to operate fees:
    1. Initial fee - $32.00 per loading arm
    2. Renewal fee - $32.00 per loading arm
607.1D Tank Fees
  1. For each stationary tank which is part of a service station selling gasoline shall be charged the following permit to operate fees.
    1. Initial fee per tank No Fee
    2. Renewal fee per tank No Fee
  2. For each stationary tank which is part of a bulk plant or terminal transferring gasoline will be charged the following permit to operate fees.
    1. Initial fee per tank No Fee
    2. Renewal fee per tank No Fee

607.1E. Time and Material
This schedule shall apply when district staff is requested in writing by a source to assist in problem solving or evaluation of their equipment to reduce emissions and improve air quality such as: The rate of time and material shall be $35.00 per hour.