(Adopted 1/89)

In addition to the general agricultural burning requirements of this regulation and the annual "Sacramento Valley Air Basin Agricultural Burning Plan" as submitted to the Air Resources Board and other stated burning shall be performed in compliance with the following:

  1. Wildland Vegetative Management Burning means the use of prescribed burning conducted by a public agency or through a cooperative agreement or contract involving a public agency, to burn land predominantly covered with chaparral (as defined in Title 14, California Code of Regulations Section 1561.1), trees, grass or standing brush.
  2. Prescribed Burning means the planned application of fire to vegetation on land selected in advance of such application where any of the purposes of the burning are specified in the definition of agricultural burning as set forth in the California Health and Safety Code.
  3. Any proposed burn, regardless of size, which will occur below a mean elevation of 1000 feet, or any proposed burn which encompasses a land area greater than 10.0 acres and which occurs at or above a mean elevation of 1000 feet shall include the following information to be submitted in a burn plan to the District at least seven (7) days prior to ignition. If the planned burn is scheduled to take place between September 15th and November 30th the required burn plan shall be submitted to the District by September 1st.

    1. Name, address and telephone number of person or agency to conduct the burn along with the name of a specific contact individual;
    2. Acreage covered by the burn plan and estimated tons per acre of material to be burned;
    3. Location of the burn site;
    4. Type and condition of fuel and objectives of the burn;
    5. Direction and distance to populated or sensitive receptor areas;
    6. Project burn schedule (ignition to completion of burn) and fuel combustion prescription elements;
    7. Meteorological prescription elements developed for the burn;
    8. Specifications for monitoring and verifying project parameters;
    9. Procedures for notifying the public and other agencies of the burn;
    10. Verification notice of 24 hours prior to igniting fire; and
    11. Any other information requested by the Air Pollution Control Officer.
  4. No more than 640 acres of wildland vegetation as defined in regulations shall be ignited on any one day within the County unless:
    1. A written plan is presented to the Yuba County Air Pollution Control Office at least 45 days prior to intended burn; and
    2. The requested burning will not take place between September 15th and November 30th of each year; and
    3. The requested burn is approved by the Air Pollution Control Officer; and
    4. The Air Pollution Control Office is given at least a 24 hour notice prior to igniting the fire.
  5. Fires to be ignited with an approved ignition device.
  6. When necessary apply mitigation measure to insure compliance with prescribed burn plan and these Rules and Regulations.