(Adopted 1/89)

The provisions of Rule 2.3 do not apply to:

  1. Open Burning authorized under permit of the Yuba County District Air Pollution Control Officer when the burning is necessary to:
    1. Prevent imminent and substantial economic loss in farming operations as provided by Section 4l862 of the California Health and Safety Code.
      1. The Air Pollution Control Officer shall comply with the provisions of the Sacramento Valley Air Basin Implementation Plan relative to open burning on a no-burn day.
  2. Open burning for the purpose of cooking meals for human beings and recreational purposes as provided by Section 41704 (e) of the California Health and Safety Code, and open fires necessary to provide physical comfort.
  3. For the training and developing of fire fighting skills.
    1. The Air Pollution Control Officer shall be notified of the time and location of any such fire prior to igniting the fire.
  4. Back-fires that are set as necessary to save lives or valuable property pursuant to Section 4426 of the Public Resources Code.
  5. Fires necessary to abate hazards pursuant to Section 41801 (e) of the California Health and Safety Code.
  6. Accidental fires which occur in areas and/or material declared to be a fire hazard in accordance with Section 41801 (a) of the Health and Safety Code and that the local fire agency allows to continue to burn under control in order to abate said hazard.
  7. The use of orchard or citrus grove heaters for frost protection providing the heaters are of the type approved by the Air Resources Board.
  8. All burning, except the burning of agricultural wastes, above the inversion layer elevation providing the burning is otherwise in compliance with these Rules and Regulations.
  9. Open Burning for disposal of burnable waste developed from a single or two family dwelling in accordance with Rule 2.1e.
  10. Agricultural Burning as authorized by Rule 2.1(c).
  11. During the period of January 1, through May 31, of each year, the Air Pollution Control Office may authorize, under permit, range improvement burning provided:
    1. More than 50% of the land has been brush treated.
    2. If for improvement of wildlife or game habitat, the Department of Fish and Game may specify the amount of brush treatment required.
    3. If proposed burning meets the definition in Rule 2.17a, the burn must be in accordance with Rule 2.17.
  12. Fires used in heating branding irons and as necessary in animal husbandry practices.