(Adopted 7/6/92, Amended 7/1/02)

A. An application-and-evaluation fee for a source shall be charged to the owner or operator who applies for a Permit to Construct or Permit to Operate. The fee shall cover the review of the project emissions, air-quality impacts, site inspections, the preparation of an air-quality analysis report, and other permit-processing costs.
  A.1 Mobile sources that are not registered as mobile equipment with the California Air Resources Board under the Mobile-Equipment Registration Program are subject to permitting requirements unless specifically exempted under District Rule 4.2, Exemptions from Permit.
B. A filing fee of $91.00 shall be paid with the application.
C. The District's estimated costs may be billed when the application is deemed complete or when actual accumulated costs exceed $300.00.
D. The District's actual costs shall be determined at the time the permit is issued or denied. If the cost is less than the applicant has paid, the difference shall be credited toward the annual renewal fee or refunded, at the applicant's option. If the cost is greater than the applicant has paid, the difference shall be billed to the applicant, who shall pay the difference to the District within 30 days after receiving the bill.