(Adopted 7/6/92; Amended 11/03/97, 7/1/02)

A. A Permit to Construct or Permit to Operate shall be valid for the time period indicated on the permit and may be renewed annually thereafter unless the APCO determines otherwise under paragraph C.
B. The following fees shall be assessed for each renewal of a permit:
  B.1. A base fee of $65.00;
  B.2. An emission fee based on the amount of air pollutants the source is capable of emitting during one year under maximum operational and design conditions, considering all enforceable permit conditions. The emission fee shall consist of the following:
    B.2.a. $6.50 for each ton or portion of a ton of total hydrocarbons organic gases (TOG), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (Sox), or particulate matter (PM); plus
    B.2.b. $1.30 for each ton or portion of a ton of carbon monoxide (CO).
  B.3. The District's cost to evaluate emissions data, inspect the source, and process the permit renewal.
C. The APCO may determine that a permit should not be renewed or should be renewed for less than a year if good cause for such a determination exists. If a permit is renewed for less than a year, then the fees specified in paragraph B shall be prorated.
D. Title V Supplemental Annual Fees shall be assessed in accordance with District Rule 10.3.G., Federal Operating Permits Supplemental Annual Fee.