RULE 409. Range Improvement Burning

ADOPTED 3/10/76 REVISED 10/01/76, 7/01/92

  1. No range improvement burning may be done without first having obtained a permit from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection or other designated agency having jurisdiction over the proposed burn location. The form of this permit shall contain the following words or words of similar import: 'This permit is valid only on those days during which agricultural burning is not prohibited by the State Air Resources Board or by the Air Pollution Control Officer pursuant to Section 41855 of the Health and Safety Code.'
  2. Range improvement burning, when permitted, shall comply with all the provisions of this rule and all the provisions for wildland management burning under District Rule 411.
  3. Range improvement burning when permitted shall conform to the following criteria:
  1. Where economically and technically feasible, brush shall be treated by chemical or mechanical means at least 6 months prior to a proposed burn, to kill or uproot the brush in order to insure rapid combustion.
  2. Unwanted trees over 6" in diameter in the burn area or those not effectively treated at the time of the brush treatment shall be felled at least 3 months prior to the burn, but a longer time may be required where conditions warrant.
  3. Burning being done primarily for improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat shall require the filing with the District a statement obtained from the Department of Fish and Game certifying the burning is desirable and proper for the improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat.