RULE 410. Forest Management Burning

ADOPTED 9/05/74 REVISED 3/10/76, 7/01/92

  1. No forest management burning may be done without first having obtained a permit from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection or other designated agency having jurisdiction over the proposed burn locations. The form of this permit shall contain the following words or words of similar import: 'This permit is valid only on those days during which agricultural burning is not prohibited by the State Air Resources Board or by the Air Pollution Control Officer pursuant to Section 41855 of the Health and Safety Code.'
  2. Forest management burning, when permitted, shall comply with all the provisions of this rule and all the provisions for wildland management burning under District Rule 411.
  3. Forest management burning, when permitted, shall conform to the following criteria:
  1. Waste shall be dried sufficiently to insure rapid combustion.
  2. Where possible, unless good management dictates otherwise, waste to be burned shall be windrowed or piled so as to burn with a minimum of smoke.