1207  Content of transportation plans.

          (a)  Transportation plans adopted after January 1, 1995, in
          serious, severe, or extreme ozone nonattainment areas and in
          serious carbon monoxide nonattainment areas.

          The transportation plan must specifically describe the
          transportation system envisioned for certain future years which
          shall be called horizon years.

               (1)  The agency or organization developing the
               transportation plan, after consultation in accordance with
                1206, may choose any years to be horizon years, subject to
               the following restrictions:

               (i)  Horizon years may be no more than 10 years apart.

               (ii) The first horizon year may be no more than 10 years
                    from the base year used to validate the transportation
                    demand planning model.

               (iii)If the attainment year is in the time span of the
                    transportation plan, the attainment year must be a
                    horizon year.

               (iv) The last horizon year must be the last year of the
                    transportation plan's forecast period.

               (2)  For these horizon years:

               (i)  The transportation plan shall quantify and document the
                    demographic and employment factors influencing expected
                    transportation demand, including land use forecasts, in
                    accordance with implementation plan provisions and

               (ii) The highway and transit system shall be described in
                    terms of the regionally significant additions or
                    modifications to the existing transportation network
                    which the transportation plan envisions to be
                    operational in the horizon years.  Additions and
                    modifications to the highway network shall be
                    sufficiently identified to indicate intersections with
                    existing regionally significant facilities, and to
                    determine their effect on route options between
                    transportation analysis zones.  Each added or modified
                    highway segment shall also be sufficiently identified
                    in terms of its design concept and design scope to
                    allow modeling of travel times under various traffic
                    volumes, consistent with the modeling methods for area-
                    wide transportation analysis in use by the MPO. Transit
                    facilities, equipment, and services envisioned for the
                    future shall be identified in terms of design concept,
                    design scope, and operating policies sufficiently to
                    allow modeling of their transit ridership.  The
                    description of additions and modifications to the
                    transportation network shall also be sufficiently
                    specific to show that there is a reasonable
                    relationship between expected land use and the
                    envisioned transportation system; and

               (iii)Other future transportation policies, requirements,
                    services, and activities, including intermodal
                    activities, shall be described.

          (b)  Moderate areas reclassified to serious.
          Ozone or CO nonattainment areas which are reclassified from
          moderate to serious must meet the requirements of paragraph (a)
          of this section within two years from the date of

          (c)  Transportation plans for other areas.
          Transportation plans for other areas must meet the requirements
          of paragraph (a) of this section at least to the extent it has
          been the previous practice of the MPO to prepare plans which meet
          those requirements.  Otherwise, transportation plans must
          describe the transportation system envisioned for the future
          specifically enough to allow determination of conformity
          according to the criteria and procedures of  1210 - 1228.

          (d)  Savings.
          The requirements of this section supplement other requirements of
          applicable law or regulation governing the format or content of
          transportation plans.