§ 1211 Criteria and procedures: Latest planning assumptions.

(a) During all periods the conformity determination, with respect to all other applicable criteria in §§ 1212 - 1228, shall be based upon the most recent planning assumptions in force at the time of the conformity determination. The conformity determination must satisfy the requirements of paragraphs (b) through (f) of this section.

(b) Assumptions (including, but not limited to, vehicle miles traveled per capita or per household, trip generation per household, vehicle occupancy, household size, vehicle fleet mix, vehicle ownership, and the geographic distribution of population growth) must be derived from the estimates of current and future population, employment, travel, and congestion most recently developed by the MPO. The conformity determination must also be based on the latest assumptions about current and future background concentrations. Any revisions to these estimates used as part of the conformity determination, including projected shifts in geographic location or level of population, employment, travel, and congestion, must be approved by the MPO or other agency authorized to make such estimates for the area, after consultation with the State air quality agency.

(c) The conformity determination for each transportation plan and TIP must discuss how transit operating policies (including fares and service levels) and assumed transit ridership have changed since the previous conformity determination.

(d) The conformity determination must include reasonable assumptions about transit service and increases in transit fares and road and bridge tolls over time.

(e) The conformity determination must use the latest existing information regarding the effectiveness of the TCMs which have already been implemented.

(f) Key assumptions shall be specified and included in the draft documents and supporting materials used for the interagency and public consultation required by § 1206.